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At All state line marking we are constantly improving and increasing our service capabilities, recently acquiring the ability to apply Colour Surfacing. Developed to increase road safety, Colour Surfaces provide both visual and skid resistant qualities that are attractive to any job site. Developed to improve delineation of passage ways such as cycle and bus lanes, Colour Surfaces also increase friction in high risk areas such as horizontal curves, bridge decks and intersection approaches, Coloured Surfaces see an increase of 40% surface skid resistance, awarding it full HAPAS approval. This tried and tested application can be applied to asphalt or concrete surfaces in a variety of colours using an Epoxy Resin product in conjunction with calcined bauxite giving maximum skid resistance.



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Coloured and High Friction Surfaces


Coloured and High Friction Surfaces play a vital role in increasing surface texture, reducing vehicle braking speeds and distances, minimising accidents with an overall road safety presence.


Commonly installed on: highways, on ramps and off ramps, intersections, pedestrian crossings, roundabouts, carparks, steep roads, corners and accident prone locations.






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