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About Longitudinal Line Marking

Longitudinal line marking is responsible for guiding road users safely along their travel lane to help avoid collision with other road users or structures. Night driving and wet weather conditions are responsible for the majority of road incidents. To effectively manage these conditions, longitudinal line markings require high retro reflectivity to reflect light back to motorists for guidance.

Allstate have five custom built longitudinal line marking trucks that are specialised to ensure all line markings are installed with exceedingly high retro reflectivity for motorist safety. The trucks are also designed to work efficiently, with minimal interference to the road user.

These lines are commonly installed in Waterborne Paint, however long-life alternatives for high traffic areas such as Thermoplastic Extrusion, Preformed and Cold Applied Plastic can deliver high performance results with lower whole-life cost, along with lower maintenance cycles which reduces operator risk.

Our Longitudinal Line Marking Equipment & Technology

Our custom and purpose-built machinery is carefully designed to maximise operator safety and outputs, while delivering outstanding results that consistently exceed quality testing requirements. With five custom built Longitudinal Trucks and 12 fully equipped job trucks currently in our fleet, Allstate has a full artillery to service all sized projects at any level.

Audio Tactile Line Marking (ATLM) is a combination of line marking and raised Profile Thermoplastic ribs which offers both visual and sensory delineation upon lane departure. ATLM generates a ‘rumble’ when traversed by vehicles, increasing road safety without installing physical barriers between traffic. Both white and black Audio Tactile Line Marking is utilised throughout the national road network on Edge Lines, Lane Lines and Wide Centre Line Treatment (WCLT) and has proven to be a low-cost, high impact safety solution.

Allstate Line Marking currently has five Borum Thermoplastic rigs in its fleet which are regularly engaged by State Governments to deliver nationwide wide safety initiatives with the goal to make some of Australia’s most travelled roads safer for motorists.

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