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Established in 1999, Allstate Linemarking began in the garage of a family home in Jimboomba. While the business is a specialised offering, the vision for high quality service, workmanship and trust remained prominent.

Maintaining leadership in the road marking industry through safe practice, quality and innovation, Allstate went from strength to strength. As the business grew, so did the need for more room, equipment and the demand for highly skilled personnel.

From an old single cab ute, a few stencils and some paint, to a fleet of over 68+ vehicles and an expert workforce of over 70 highly sought-after employees, Allstate has grown to become one of the largest and most trusted line marking companies in Australia. It is our commitment to quality and credibility that has driven this continued business growth and remains at the forefront of what we do.

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How We Can Help

Allstate boasts over 430 years of line marking and industry knowledge, of which 200+ years is centralised in our dedicated in-house Operations Department, making us one of the most experienced businesses in the industry. This wealth of experience enables us to consistently exceed expectations and provide our clients with the best outcomes possible.

From self-propelled walk behind units to automated thermoplastic rigs, we have the specialised equipment, skills and experience to accommodate any size project.

In order to effectively cater to our clients and accommodate the 24/7 nature of our industry, we resource experienced line marking teams on day, night, weekend and away rosters, all over Australia.

Allstate continues to deliver value to our clients through a tailored Project Management team and a commitment to the use of quality equipment and products to support our superior service.

We Specialise In:

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Setting the Industry Standard for Line Marking

With safety at the forefront of everything we do, Allstate are recognised by the national Painting Contractors Certification Program (PCCP) as well as obtaining three additional ISO certifications in Quality Management (ISO 9001) Environmental Management (ISO 14001) and Occupational Health and Safety Management (AS/NZS 4801).

This independently monitored body conducts regular audits to ensure adherence to industry standards and acknowledges the commitment and dedication of all our employees to ensuring consistent and exceptional workmanship across all projects.


What Sets Us Apart

Allstate Linemarking Services are industry leaders in the development and implementation of line marking and safety solutions.

We pride ourselves on our reputation of reliability, quality, and unparalleled industry knowledge, which has culminated in many successful long-term collaborations and partnerships with major councils, construction companies and government divisions throughout the country.

With ongoing major works being delivered all over Australia, a commitment to tailored service and innovation remains. This quality assurance and our attention to the finer details is what sets us apart and our work is the widely accepted gold standard for road marking in Australia.

Allstate are proud to have worked on some of Australia’s most recognisable and innovative road network projects of our time, helping to shape our urban and rural cities, centres and communities for generations to come.

The History of Road Marking

Road marking, something of great importance to our society today, but how often do you notice it?

There’s no clear evidence as to when road marking officially began. Some say that ancient Rome was the birthplace of the first pavement markings as far back as 1300 AD. The painted lines within the city were said to help divert foot traffic to one side of the path and carriages and horses to the other.

Jump forward a few hundred years, Henry Ford changed history as we know it and the invention of the car took off. By 1917, there were more than 5 million registered cars within the United States alone. The need for a safer road network was paramount. However, it wouldn’t be until 1970’s that road markings would be recognised as road safety regulators in the USA.

Road markings first came to Australian shores in the 1920’s and were predominantly painted by local police officers. As the roading networks grew, so did the need for delineation on these roads which sparked the formation of road marking as we know it to be today. With a roading network of over 800,000 kilometres within Australia alone, the need for safe, reliable and affordable road marking solutions is critical.

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